You’ll Never Eat Tilapia Again After Knowing It’s Dangerous Secret

You’ll Never Eat Tilapia Again After Knowing It’s Dangerous Secret

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Everybody loves Tilapia. Besides it’s cheap, it’s boneless, skinless and doesn’t have foul taste like other fishes.

However, there are few unpleasant things about Tilapia. Did you know that they are the number one natural scavengers of detritus and toxic materials in the water they live in?

The tilapia we’re consuming is totally a cultivated fish, which means you can’t discover wild tilapia in any supermarket or on any restaurant menu.
Wild tilapia eat a delicious diet of algae and various plants, but most of the tilapia in the store doesn’t come from the wild – they come from factory farms, where tilapia are fed an unnatural, unhealthy diet of GMO corn and soy pellets.

Never Eat Farmed Raised Tilapia

Farm-raised tilapia has been shown to cause aggravation in the body like asthma, joint inflammation, coronary disease, and a host of other problems.

Additionally, farmed fish contain ten times the normal amount of carcinogenic, or cancer causing agents as fish found in the wild. It’s no different for tilapia.

These kind of fish also have a higher amounts of pesticides in them, as pesticides are used to treat the fish for infections while being farmed and often remains contained in their bodies after harvesting.

Another concern, is the high level of Dioxin in farmed fish. Dioxin is a lethal substance that, once in your system, can take up to a decade to leave your body. Dioxin levels are 11 times higher in farmed fish than in wild fish.

Furthermore, eating tilapia can intensify officially existing allergies brought on by various health issues including asthma, coronary illness, and joint inflammation.

So better checked on your local supermarket first before purchasing this fish.

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