Yes on Prop 37: A Veteran’s Right To Know

Yes on Prop 37: A Veteran’s Right To Know

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Anthony Rios spent 16 years fighting for American freedoms and was wounded during those duties. He believes it’s a consumers right to know about GMOs. Our fundamental right to know about the food we are eating and feeding our families is currently under attack from Big Agriculture and junk food companies- but the people’s movement is fighting back with Prop 37 which will require a mandatory label for genetically engineered foods in California. Why shouldn’t American’s have the same right that over 60 countries currently have- Join us today in honoring those who have fought in battle and service for American rights.

The food security of our Nation is not something Veterans want to leave in the hands of the same chemical company that told them Agent Orange was safe. Don’t let Monsanto and those profiting from GMOs steal this vote with lies. The right to know about GMOs will be reclaimed on Election Day.

This video was put together by The Positive Change collaborative in support of Prop 37!

Los Angeles’ most avant-garde advertising, PR, social marketing, and production executives have come together to form, what they call, a Positive Change Collaborative. This special team of marketers, in collaboration with non-profit group CA Right To Know, is volunteering their time and resources to a cause they’re passionate about: Passing Proposition 37, which aims to mandate the labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms.

The Positive Change Collaborative is made up of leading executives from dw+h, We Are Human, YTM, Kindling, Saeger Media Group, Partos Films, Yessian Music, Music Orange, Eleven Sound, Chemical Effects, Ring of Fire, POP Sound, Man Vs. Tank Productions, RNK Productions, Slim Pictures, Donald Tursman, Carolyn Durkalski, Brand New School and Fourth Wall Post. In just two weeks this group of marketers created a series of PSAs designed to educate California voters on the benefits of GMO labeling.

“Monsanto, Dupont, ConAgra– these guys have deep pockets and in the last week we’ve seen exactly how it’s affecting voter support of Prop 37,” said Lucas Donat, CEO of dw+h and brainchild behind this agency collaboration. “They’re spending tens of millions of dollars in media to keep consumers in the dark about what they’re eating. And the unfortunate thing is, it’s working. It was important for us to form this Positive Change Collaborative where we could use our skills and resources for the greater good of Californian’s and do what we can to help pass Prop 37.”

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