WHO NEEDS GMO ? – Inconvinient facts…

WHO NEEDS GMO ? – Inconvinient facts…

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The real GMO story – http://www.PolskaAkcjaObywatelska.pl how does it work, who benefits. How GMO is interconnected with other points of “agenda”

In the years 1960 -75 we became famous for producing Agent Orange. Containing toxic dioxin this combat asset used during Vietnam War effectively poisoned both : the Viet Kong guerrillas and the American soldiers. Note that deformed children were born many years after it, on both sides of the ocean. We were a bit critisised for that.Next we introduced our hit product -Aspartame – a wonderful sweetener added to majority of diet products and almost all sorts of chewing gum despite protests of the scientfic circles and initial diapproval by the U.S. Supreme Court. The court did not want to change their mind so we finally changed the composition of the court.
Although being freqently accused of having strong carcinogenie properties, after several years , Aspartame was put on the market and it’s been a hit up to this day. Our electrical insulators containing super toxic PCBs were also selling like hot cakes Money was this huge out of it. But we soon realized that the toxic carcinogenic waste polluted the nearest Aliston and its townpeople.
We could not afford to lose one dollar-so the thing went obviously under the carpet.
At the end the whole situation unfortunatelly flipped. Families of those who had died and those terminally ill collectively sued us. We managed to put off the evil hour for some years- good for us-enough time for some of them to sniff the flowers from the bottom. We paid hundreds of millions of dollars compensation eventually – but it was worth it – those few years we made a nice fortune.At last we decided to work really effectively . We went into the world of GMOs. We are now a leader in biotechnology. 70% of the seed market is ours. It’s the fastest way to build a solid monopoly.You cannot patent something that already exists, but if you make small changes in the DNA structure of it, a genetically modified organism created in this way, is our property.You must buy a licence to grow a crop using our seeds. Othetwise you do it illegally. Unfortunately or not, genetically modified organisms happened to replace their wild relatives as they can mate and hybridise with those enviromentally natural evolving over millions of years. All in all, soon all organisms will contain our modified DNA .As they will be our property, anyone willing to use them will be obliged to pay us automatically.A simple and effective way to gain 100% monopoly on food.The question still remains : how to convince the public. But don’t forget; we have experts!
As to say,the case is trivial and only requires to have scientists and media on your pay roll.
Scientists are really a piece of cake with our companies sponsoring their research institutes, relieving the taxpayers pockets in that simple way. No wonder the results are what we need . Some suckers violators who do not understand happen from time to time. Next time we avoid supporting their research institutes and that’s it!. Pay-demand! Media is equally easy. They live on the ads for which we pay. The rest we don’t need to explain. We are not interested in publishing hysterical articles about us. So they have a choice- either good press for us with our money or without us and without our money. Freedom of speech is free from pressure. It’s that easy.We employ the try-and-tested:
Create a problem, escalate it, wait until the sick and tired public start begging for a solution. Then offer them the solution . The solution is what you want-remember that for ever: in other circumstances it’d never be accepted!In the face of sudden climate change, frost, floods we have created more than 500 varieties of climate ready GMO wonders. Resistant to unexpected weather condition.
Waiting for registration by the EU Commission The problem – floods or frost
SOLUTION-our patented organisms
EFFECT – other organisms can not survive, unfortunately

But there is always the bright side! Do-it-yourself! Get the info yourself!
Rate the risk yourself (apart from the health issues, the most important aspect is the monopoly on food)
Contact one of the very many social organizations gathering reliable information on GMOs
Tell your family and friends that it is up to them how much they allow themselves to be walked all over! .

The material is based on the books:
The World According to Monsanto by Marie-Monique Robin,
Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey Smith,
GMO- Promises and Facts by prof. Stanislaw WiÄ…ckowski
Atmospheric Geoengineering, an article by Sir Julian Rose

The film was made thanks to financial support from individuals
You can also support our actions- go to: http://www.polskaakcjaobywatelska.pl
Raise your hand for peace, rise your hand in protest!

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