What To Eat On A Raw Food Diet – Rawfoodfamily Shopping Secrets

What To Eat On A Raw Food Diet – Rawfoodfamily Shopping Secrets

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Today we want to get very practical.
In this video we take you with us and show you exactly how we shop, how much we shop and what exactly we buy being on a raw food diet together with our 4 children.
As we have so many mouths to feed, we hop you are not to shocked to see that we carry the food back in the house by the wheelbarrows.
The overwhelming part of our food do we buy at the farmer markets here in San Isidro – which is the bigger “city” in the south-west of Costa Rica.
All our fruits and veggies we get from this market.
A rule of thumb we go by to make sure our food is non GMO and organic is:
First and for all we buy from organic booths on the market.
If we cannot find a fruit or veggie there, we keep on asking around on the market.
Mostly we end up buying from:
-small booths (no mass produced)
-old farmers (that do not have the money, knowledge or means to buy pesticides)
-Ugly fruits (the more wrinkles and spots they have the more natural they are)
-small fruits (the GMO fruits are mostly designed for color and size. So going for small fruits does make sure you get the more natural ones)
-many seeds (the more seeds are in fruits, the more sure you can be that it is natural. Wild food does mostly consists of seeds. Designed and modified food is designed for taste and flesh)
-less sugar (the more sugar there is in a fruit, normally the more hybrid it is.
Did you know that ancient wild apples did just have the size of cherries, and were real sour??)

Those are some golden tips to make sure you get GMO-free organic food not having to rely on labeling and good will of super markets or other sellers who -of course – just want to sell their products.
Aside from this we also want to show you exactly what we shop. You will see the cooked foods that we buy, and what a ratio there is between the raw foods and the cooked foods in our diet.
We also receive almost weekly superfoods via post, as Costa Rica does not have ANY health food store.
So there are no superfoods to buy in whole Costa Rica.
We have found a smart and cheap solution to that, and this video will show you how we have solved this problem.

We hope to inspire you with this video, showing how easy and simple a healthy raw food diet with kids can look like.
Lots of love and coconut greetings from the jungle of Costa Rica!
Ka and family!

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