What is GMO Labelling | What everyone should know about GMO (labelling)

What is GMO Labelling | What everyone should know about GMO (labelling)

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Stand up for your right to know what goes in your food. Last election big companies spent a lot of money trying to get people to vote against labelling GMO in the food supply. Visit http://labelgmos.org and sign up to remain in the know on news related to labelling GMO foods. We can get the food supply labelled GMO if we join together and fight the powerful $ lobby from the major food and biotech companies that propagandize against any attempts at labelling GMO products in the United States!

GMO Benefits: massive crop yields, enough food for everyone, massive profits for major agribusiness and food megacorporations

GMO downsides: untested and no one knows the long-term effects of consuming GMOs, 70% of all grocery store food contains GMO, corporations lobby our government to control the flow of information


*labelling foods as GMO would not cost companies a dime, it would only give people the knowledge that what they’re going to eat contains GMO ingredients

*GMOs are transgenics, organisms whose genes and DNA have been altered

*what do the companies have to hide if the ingredients are so safe?

*eating organic is usually the safest option, but most expensive and not affordable for low-income people

*even the animals we consume have been fed GMO feed, grains, corn, or soy pellets

*Monsanto lobbies the U.S. government extensively and there is a revolving door for company personnel to take on government positions, then return back to the biotech food sector. The lobbyying arm is so powerful that we pressure other countries to accept GMO foods into their food supply,

*several countries including the entire continent of Europe require GMO labelling already

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