What is GMO Food? 4 Pros and 2 Cons!

What is GMO Food? 4 Pros and 2 Cons!

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Today I want to talk about GMO food and the pros and cons to it.

DNA is the blueprint for life. Very smart scientists have figured out a way to fiddle with a plants DNA to give them more positive traits. A great example of a positive trait would be disease resistent.

We can insert this DNA directly into a new plant and this makes it genetically motified.

There is a whole debate on whether sticking with natural is better than scientifically tweeking things. GMO in plants can increase the chance of them living, lets talk about us, which is more important right?

One positive that many people overlook is the fact that GMO plants can be more resistant to insects. What this means is that instead of farmers spraying pesticides and chemicals on plants so they don’t get destroyed by insects they don’t need to do that.

Therefore as humans we don’t eat the pesticides. This is good because pesticides cause lots of problems. A study in UC Berkeley found a 6x increase risk for autism disorders in children of women who were exposed to pesticides.

Plus a study found that kids where their parents use pesticides were twice as likely to get brain cancer than kids where pesticides were not used. If that wasn’t enough there is evidence that they are not good for the system that controls hormones and reprduction.

That really is great news. More good news is that they can be better the environment. A study by Oklahoma State University has shown that GMO crops require less chemicals, time and tools and reduce greenhouse gas and soil erosion. This improves air and water quality.

Also they can make the food more nutritional. There is still malnutrition that happens around the world and this can make a big difference in the health of people.

Plus GMO crops means less of them gets destroyed and there is more food to feed people and less people go hungry. Those are 4 big positives, plus they could taste better and have a longer shelf life and reduce the need for preservatives which is wonderful and there are a lot of benefits. But there are some negatives.

One negative is that some people have an allergic reaction to GMO food. Another negative is that GMO food has antibiotic features built into them so they don’t die. When you eat them these features persist in your body and can make antibiotic medication less effective.

ON a side note there are an insane amount of herbs that have antiobiotic capabilities, so there are ways around this.

Thirdly GMO may be can cause cancer. The Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology did a study that linked GMO food to cancer in rats but it was retracted. Some people feel they can some people feel they don’t, but nothing really has been proven.

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