What is fertility diet? – Dr. Manjunath C S

What is fertility diet? – Dr. Manjunath C S

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When you are trying to conceive to have a healthy baby, you have a fertility diet which is as essential as trying for pregnancy itself means to say that when you are going through procedures such as IVF or IUI, you need to follow certain diet which can increase your success rate of achieving pregnancy either in IUI or IVF. Couple should take this opportunity to change their who lifestyle and to change their food habits, it is great opportunity to change their entire lifestyle. So let us see what foo to eat and how these nutrients will help us to achieve the high success rate. The hormones we need to bound the good quality sperm and the good a=quality egg are built up from the diet what we eat. So I we are eating a nutritious diet and if your hormones are formed in the proper way, then iot will achieve a good quality egg and a good quality sperm. Many studies have shown that if you have a peoore diet, it wil reduce your iscarriage rate and increase the chances of gettimg healthy baby.the antioixants in the fid wl kill the free radicals tha are present in the sperm and the egg so atht your sperm and egg will remin halehty and certain toxins added to the food also can harm your sperms and egg. For fertility diet, there is no particular formula food. There is only a certain alteration of your normal diet. If it is possible try to add more of organic vegetables and organic fruits. Dairy products, have organic grass feed full fat dairy products, not the processed dairy products, so this will increase the chances of conceiving pregnancies, in cases of PCOD and endometriosis, avoid soya proteins, avoid red meat especially increases of endometriosis. Try to include whole grains like whole wheat, brown rice, quinoa. If you want to add fish to your diet, try to have a cold water fish like halibut, salmon and cod fish. In every meals, try to add high fiber diet like fresh vegetables and fruits. Coming to nutrients proper, if you want to have vitamin A, vitamin C, we need to see what exactly is a particular diet so that all these are increased in your body so that your systems work in a proper way to achieve pregnancy. For Vitamin E, have sea foods, sunflower seeds, almonds, olives, spinach. When it comes to Vitamin D, dairy products, egg, fatty fish and slight exposure to the natural sunlight. CoQ10 is also very important for the sperm quality is not there in your food. So it is better to take it as a tablet supplement. For Vitamin C, Indian gooseberries, citric fruits, cranberry etc.inc is very much required for the sperm motility and sperm production. Most of our diets are lacking in this micro mineral. It is mostly present in the non-veg food items like the calf liver, but most of the vegetarian people will lack this particular micronutrients zinc. So what you can add is a pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and the have zinc in that. But if it is not sufficient there it is better to have the tablet of zinc. Another is the folic acid, which is required to reduce the neural tubal defects on the baby. This particular nutrient is available in the lentils peas, spinach and like, there are certain foods to avoid when you are trying for pregnancy. Soya proteins should be avoided especially if you are a hypothyroid, you should totally avoid soya proteins. next is critic fruits like papaya, jackfruit, pineapple , try to avid these when you are trying for pregnancy and canned processed foods like processed dairy predicts like sugars , soda, canned juices you need to avoid. You need to avoid milk genetically modified foods ,GMO like beet, brinjals are known to have effects on your sperm quality and you need to avoid caffeine is, like drinking a lot of tea or too much of coffee. If you are going to have more than 5 cups of tea and coffee, it will have effects on the egg and sperm quality.

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