What is a GMO? GMO’s, Mutagenesis and Selective Breeding

What is a GMO? GMO’s, Mutagenesis and Selective Breeding

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Humans have been manipulating crops for thousands of years through selective breeding. It is only in recent history where debates have sprung up in how we develop our crops due to us being able to Genetically Modify Organisms in a laboratory setting. GMO’s are a hot debate right now, and with tons of misinformation out there I try and clear up exactly what it means to be a Genetically Modified Organism, how safe they are, and explain different methods on how we actually make GMO’s. I also go into detail about the different methods we make and breed our crops via selective breeding and mutagenesis. Enjoy.

Remember you can always re watch parts if it goes to fast and I also encourage you to do some research of your own. For a good starting point take a look at some of my sources!.. And form your own opinion! Don’t jump on the GMO hate bandwagon just cause Stephanie told you they were bad or because you read a crappy article on facebook!


Lectures and Talks:
Tedx: “Waiter, there is a gene in my soup!: Jimmy Botella at TEDxUQ” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mwzq-swl4cI#t=246

Tedx: “GMO controversies – science vs. public fear: Borut Bohanec at TEDxLjubljana” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz4_TwdaYeI

Harvard University: “Food for Thought: Genetically Modified Nourishment — Longwood Seminar”

Genes and Genetics references :



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BT Corn and Corn Boer:


Self Explanatory Links:




Other Helpful links Used:


Fish drowning in stupid: GMOs and retroviruses collide!


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