What if people told the truth about GMO on the Menu when going out to eat?

What if people told the truth about GMO on the Menu when going out to eat?

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Profit is a major factor in deciding what goes onto your plate. Obviously many restaurants will take shortcuts in quality to generate more money. Almost all restaurants do not even filter water used to make pasta or cook rice. Ideally reverse osmosis water or distilled is the safest and you will be hard pressed to find a restaurant who will do this.

Genetically modified food will be found in over 99 % of foods when you eat out at restaurants.

Pesticides prevalent in most food when you eat out at restaurants.

Many restaurant foods are not cooked fresh and could even be from several days before.

You never know who the person that’s cooking your food? If they are having a bad day will they take it out on your food?

Is the kitchen hidden from view from the people eating? Most kitchens you cannot watch the cooks. Red flags!

Many kitchens will cook food in a microwave to get food out quick.. Enjoy the nuked food.

That food from yesterday just got reheated in the microwave maybe you will notice?

The cooks could be sick with a virus or flu and pass it on to you.
Many of the foods are stored in
BPA plastic containers which leach synthetic estrogen into your food.

By eating at home you could make meals for 5 days with the money you spent on one trip to the restaurant.

Many of the meats are kept frozen and have freezer burn. Some chefs know how to cover this though more than likely have a chewy texture.

If you have allergies you could get sick more easily as not all the ingredients will be shared on a menu.

Some chefs will refuse to alter a meal for you as the dishes are already prepared.

Red flag if the restaurant cannot adjust a meal for you! That means the meals are not fresh.

Fountain drinks at restaurants will not be filtered properly. Teas and coffees likely sourced from tap water.

Ice cubes will not be filtered enough. Consume your drink fast before it becomes more poisoned.
http://miami-water.com/blog/5155/26-reasons-eating-hazardous-health/ 27 reasons to not eat out..

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