What are GMO’s? Why are they awful and What you can do!

What are GMO’s? Why are they awful and What you can do!

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The GIC and THE TRUTH DENIED Present a Q & A on GMO Foods, Food Labeling and BANNING GMO’s.

Please see all information on the show and referenced websites here:

The TRIBE TV show covered:


1. Stop purchasing GMO foods. This is very effective in a non- compliance fashion, it costs you nothing in the end. Please use the shopping guide! http://nongmoshoppingguide.com/ (this website even has an app to download to your phone! Get it today!
2. Search your town for local groups that can aid you in understanding what GMO’s are, and how to recognize them in your grocery store! Also see upcoming scheduled events right oin your home town! http://www.labelgmos.org/events
4. Get behind the initiatives that BAN the use of GMO’s & DEMAND FOOD LABELING
5. Move to BAN the use of GMO’s!
6. Add nutrients to your diet, even if you feel you are “eating right”!

Please visit these sites:

The new GMO non-browning apple is about to debut. The government is taking public opinions to oppose this Franken-apple till September 11, 2012. We need to flood the link below with comments to prevent this apple from making its way into our food system. Food activists make this link viral!http://www.regulations.gov/#!submitComment;D=APHIS-2012-0025-0001
Go to Lable GMOS http://www.labelgmos.org/events
To Donate to the GIC: http://theGIC.org/donate
To contact Bernard Alvarez: http://theGIC.org
To Contact Roxy Lopez http://www.thetruthdenied.com
or write : info@thetruthdenied.com

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