Transparency Without Prejudice Bridging The GMO Divide

Transparency Without Prejudice   Bridging The GMO Divide

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Despite transformative effects across society, biotechnology in agriculture has faced an unprecedented backlash. “Anti-GMO,” for example, has become a rallying cry that has been co-opted by larger socioeconomic and political agendas pertaining to such areas as food security, intellectual property, ecological sustainability and corporate transparency. This “campaign” has blown past the understanding of the science and its benefits, and has instead been infused with established bias and irresponsible advocacy.

Yet, as the rate of technology innovation outpaces policy and public sentiment, the industry faces a watershed opportunity to reshape the conversation. What are the mistakes of the past that we can avoid? Where should leadership come from in the future and how could biotechnology be better communicated to the consumer? What can our industry do to reach across the table with our opponents and work together to advance the mutual goal of ensuring the sustainable future of food?

This fast-paced dialogue will seek to put a few points “on the board” and seek to introduce a sense of possibility to engage and educate the consumer and the policymaker alike.

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