Toxic Foods 101 #8 Genetically Modified Soy – Why is it bad for you.

Toxic Foods 101 #8 Genetically Modified Soy – Why is it bad for you.

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The 101 Toxic Food Ingredients eBook tackles the top three common diet mistakes that people are doing today. What food companies are labeling as healthy actually contains hidden ingredients that are the root cause of many of today’s diseases that didn’t exist back in the days of our grandparents. These diseases include cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, joint paint, newborn diseases and diabetes. As an overview, here are the top 3 healthy diet mistakes people are making today that they are not aware of.

Diet mistake #1 — Most of the food today are genetically modified

The top 6 dangerous and genetically modified foods that people should avoid are: corn, cereals, milk, apple, soda and cooking oils. Genetically modified (G.M.O.) foods are those that were not grown in their natural state. They were genetically modified so that food companies can grow and make more of it to sell to consumers. People have been warned by scientists worldwide that G.M.O. foods cause cancer, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, high cholesterol, joint pains and other nutritional problems. The shocking thing is, even the so-called healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables today have also been genetically modified. Almost everything that people eat which can be bought in the grocery stores is causing all these diseases. What’s more, the food companies are not required by law to label these foods as G.M.O.s.

Diet mistake #2 — Most sugar substitutes contain the deadly Neotame

Majority of canned and bottled drinks today are labeled as sugar-free or healthy, but they are really not. One would wonder why it still tastes sweet when the label says it is healthy and sugar-free. The one to blame is a dangerous ingredient called Neotame. This is a fake sugar substitute that has been linked to blindness, brain cancer, arthritis, diarrhea, chest pains, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, diabetes, parkinson’s disease and dozens of other ailments.

Diet mistake #3 — Avoid drinking tap water

One would wonder, what could possibly be toxic about water? In fact, people are advised to drink 8 glasses of it every day. That is fine, as long as the water did not come from the faucet. According to research from Harvard University, the fluoride found in today’s public water system is detrimental to the cognitive development particularly for children. Today’s faucet water contains neurotoxins that lower IQ, alter thyroid functions and increase the risk of cancer.

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