Top 3 Gardening Methods Video 2

Top 3 Gardening Methods Video 2

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Top 3 Gardening Methods To Try This Year (Part II)

2. 2. Pallet Gardening

3. Pallet gardening is the perfect method for gardeners who want to save space, reduce costs, as well as add a rustic feel to their home.

4. Using pallets is actually a great way to organize your plants.

5. The pallets serve as dividers for your vegetable crops so they can grow more evenly even in tight spaces.

6. Another benefit to pallet gardening is affordability.

7. One can easily save money by using recycled pallets instead of purchasing new ones.

8. Avoid pressure-treated wood though because they contain toxic chemicals that can destroy any garden.

9. Once the right type of wood has been obtained, creating a pallet garden becomes super easy.

10. Start by building a simple pallet planter, putting in some quality soil, adding organic compost and planting some organic seeds.

11. These simple steps will provide you with a beautiful pallet garden that you can be proud of!

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