Top 10 Reasons Why I Don’t Eat Meat

Top 10 Reasons Why I Don’t Eat Meat

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John from shares his top 10 reasons why he does not eat meat. In this episode, you will discover the most important reasons John does not eat meat according to scientific studies.

You will learn the potential consequences of the food choices that many Americans make each and every day, but remain in the dark about the potential effects. After learning the effects you will be empowered to take action if you wish, or not if you are ok with the potential consequences. This video is here to share John’s opinions on this matter with you.

Summary of reasons with linked studies:
1. Increase Disease
Increase Your mortality over 500,000 people studied:
Pancreatic Cancer
Urinary tract infections
Increase mortality
Processed Meat Increases Cancer
Eating Meat after Breast Cancer Reduces Survival
Increase Kidney Stones

2. Age You Prematurely
Wrinkle Your Skin
Increase Stomach Fat:
Premature Puberty
Accelerate Aging:
Age Slower by removing meat:

Be more attractive by eating Fruits and Veg:

3.Increases Inflammation
Aracadonic Acid
Even Grass Fad Meat Induces Inflammation
Increases Arthritis
Inflamatory Bowel Disease

4. Increases Toxins (heavy metals, Pesticides, bacteria)
bacterial toxins
PCBs in Fish
Can’t detoxify all hetrocyclic amines
Bloody Diarrhea
Salmonella Sold Meat
Contaminants in meats
Fire Retardant Chemicals in Meat
Kitchen Contamination of Bacteria:
Aresenic in Chicken

5.Activates Your Immune System/ increase allergies / asthma
auto immune effects:

6. Increase Weight / Fat
Lowers Your protection from Cellulite
Lowers Your Metabolism

7. NO/Little Antioxidants
Antioxidants of Foods:

8. Rich Protein
Problems with Excessive Protein
As bad as smoking
Analysis by PCRM

9. Increase Mood and Decrease Depression
Improve your mood by restriction of meat
Healthy Moods by Eating Vegetarian

10. Environmental Impact
Contributes to Global warming more than vegetables and grains
Beef produces 5x greenhouse gases than other meats
Meat eaters have twice the carbon footprint
Uses More Land, Water and Resources
Uses significantly more water
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