Top 10 Foods of the Future — TopTenzNet

Top 10 Foods of the Future — TopTenzNet

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Top 10 Foods of the Future

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When talking about food of the future, soylent green (the foodstuffs made out of people from the classic Sci-Fi movie of the same name) and grasshoppers leap to mind. Well, I don’t think most of today’s (or tomorrow’s) consumers are too interested in snacking on the remains of their neighbors. Nevertheless, the idea of what kind of foods we will be chowing down on in the not-too-distant future is interesting to explore; especially considering that we can expect an increase of over 2 BILLION people living on the planet by 2050.

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10. Vegetarian Meat
9. Cultured/In-Vitro Meat
8. Algae
7. Insects, Bugs, and Small Critters
6. Seafood
5. Smaller Animals
4. Weeds
3. Genetically Modified Food
2. Nanofoods
1. Something We Haven’t Thought Of Yet

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