TinaB Slams GMO Food in Support of CA Prop 37 to Label Genetically Modified Food

TinaB Slams GMO Food in Support of CA Prop 37 to Label Genetically Modified Food

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http://www.thenaturalguide.com – Share this video! Label GMOs! Vote Yes on CA Prop 37! In this video, TinaB slams a piece in support of California Proposition 37 which would mandate package labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms – GMOs – in consumer foods. GMOs are also referred to as Genetically Engineered food. GMO food was released into the world food system in the 1990s by Monsanto before human and environmental health impacts were fully studied. The United Nations World Health Organization and the American Medical Association have called for mandatory safety testing of genetically engineered foods.

The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act (Prop 37) is simple: The initiative would require food sold in retail outlets to be labeled if it is produced through genetic engineering, and would not allow these products to be labeled as “natural.” Prop 37 is a citizen initiative, meaning that Californian volunteers collected over a half-million signatures to get this on the November ballot. Labeling GMOs is the first step in raising consumer awareness to give consumers a choice to avoid them. GMO crops have been linked to allergies, organ toxicity, infertility, and more.

The first long-term study of its kind was released in September 2012 in the peer-reviewed journal Food and Chemical Toxicity, which linked tumors to consumption of GMO corn. Further studies are expected to more precisely define the effects of GMOs on health. GMOs are also responsible for environmental problems such as an increase in pesticide and fertilizer use, an emergence of super weeds that siphon water and nutrients from staple crops, and the contamination of non-GMO crops through pollen-drift. Until GMOs are labeled, keep yourself safe by eating organic food whenever possible. Share this video! Help Label GMOs! Vote Yes on CA Prop 37!

Produced by Larry Cook

Lyrics by TinaB (see below)
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California Right To Know

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From Farm to Table
Are you Able
To Taste
The Waste
Our Lives are at Stake
From Genetically Modified Organism exposure
Its time to take back over
Our Food System
Stop, Look & Listen
Yes Prop 37
We have a Right to Know
Whats in our Food

I allude
to Spliced genes
and Vaccines
In the food we eat
Implanted Disease
Genetically engineered
Bowel disease
Death of bees
And infertility

Playin Genetic roulette
We’re letting
the Corporate Hounds
Pour Poison Down
Our Throats
Til we Choke
on Agent Orange
and Chloropicrin
Toxic Herbicides
Farm Workers die
from Immediate Exposure
But the Death of Consumers is much Slower
Its time to Take Back Over
our Food System
Stop Look & Listen

From Farm to table
Are you Able
To Taste the Waste
Our Lives are at Stake
Label GMOs
Yes Prop 37
We have a Right to Know
Whats in our Food

I allude
to Monoculture Crops
Fertilizers that caused the Gulf of Mexico to Rot
Fast Food Nation
Livin on Genetic Modification
Plants with Patents
How’d this happen?
Biotech Monopoly
We’re Caught in These
Throws of Corporate
Diggin us Deeper & Deeper into the Hole
Famers Buried in Debt
From purchasing Barren Seeds
and Receiving Super Weeds
Is this what our hungry world needs?
There’s a reason GMOs are banned overseas
Scientific Studies
And research repressed
You guessed it
Political pay offs
To the F.D.A.
Well I say
Has Got to Go

Stop Look & Listen
Its time to take back our food system
From Farm to table
Are you able
To taste the waste
Our lives are at stake
Label GMOs
Yes Prop 37
We have a right to know

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