Thrive Life Consultant – Healthy Freeze Dried Foods – Non – GMO

Thrive Life Consultant – Healthy Freeze Dried Foods – Non – GMO

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Thrive Life Consultant – Healthy Freeze Dried Foods

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I am officially a consultant for Thrive Life and I am excited to bring these wonderful products to you. You ask, Who is Thrive Life? Well, Thrive Life is a versatile line of foods that can be easily incorporated into daily meals, or used as a quick and healthy snack or an all natural baby food, thus adding greater health and convenience to everyday living. I love Thrive Life because they are convenient, tasty, long lasting, cost effective, healthy, great quality and versatile.

Back to why I love Thrive Life, there products are very convenient, I now have more time to spend with my kids since most of the prepping work is done for me. The meals are very tasty and smell great, my kids know when it is dinner time by the smell. Thrive products are long lasting and will store for many years unopened, not like store bought products which will spoil in a few days and there goes your hard earned money in the trash. There products store from 6 – 12 months after the can is opened, depending on the product. I have never had a can stay open for more than 2 months, they do get used up fast. It is cost efficient, I know at first glance at the prices of the cans it might not seem to be, however, I have saved on an average of 32% on my grocery bills. One main saving reason is all the extra stuff that you buy while you are in the store and don’t really need, plus sweets, I actually have lost a few pounds because of the no impulse buying. Thrive’s products are healthy, all you need to do is look at the Nutrition Facts Label. The Quality of their food is great, Thrive has world class standards, they make sure new products are non-GMO, have no MSG, and have no hydrogenated oils, preservatives, or artificial flavors or colors whenever possible. I also love that there food is versatile, you can make snacks with it, you can blend it to make baby food and my kids favorite is when I let them put together their own meals.

I have posted a link below to my website through Thrive. On the website it describes their history and standards, so that you can decide for yourself if this is the food that you want. Thrive has a great website they have recipes and videos, so please check it out. You can even put in what ingredients you have on hand and it will give you recipes with those particular ingredients, that is awesome. Thrive also carries gluten free products.

Thrive Life has monthly specials, which means that certain products are discounted. I know that it is late in the month, however, I will try to get another video out to you with the specials. One that I do know for sure is Potato Dices because I already stocked up on this one in the beginning of the month before I was even a consultant. Their diced potatoes are great, all you have to do is soak them in hot water for about 5 minutes. Then what I like to do is in a frying pan add a small table spoon of coconut oil and add the potatoes. Brown them on all sides and you have great tasting hash browns. My kids absolutely adore this, it disappears in seconds of their plates. What joy for a Mom, potatoes contain 15% Vitamin C and 4% Iron.

So I hope that you will join me on this wonderful journey. I will be posting videos of my personal recipes. Each week I will post a feature food and provide you with different options on how to incorporate it into your diet. So please stay tuned.

Thank you for watching and I hope that you stay in good health. If you liked this video please let me know in the comments and also please subscribe.

Good Day and Good Health,
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