Those Vegetables Are Man Made Hybrids So You’re Not Eating Them?

Those Vegetables Are Man Made Hybrids So You’re Not Eating Them?

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In the last three to four years there has been a big stir about hybrids and man made plants. The notion that a plant that is sold in markets around the world is man made has people thinking too hard about what they will eat. There are many things that we use today that are man made but does that mean that they don’t have benefits that we can reap?

A hybrid is not dangerous because of the fact that it is a hybrid. It actually does not cross kingdoms. It simply takes the best attributes of two plants and combines them. The moment that it crosses kingdoms is when it becomes a GMO. The genetics are not modified in hybrids.

With hybrids the two parent plants are compatible and from the same species. What most people don’t know is that the crossing of plants (hybridization) happens naturally in the wild! When the hybridization happens with agriculturalists or plant breeders, they’re just controlling the situation that naturally takes place in nature.

Hybrids are created in nature (the fields). GMOs are created in labs! GMOs include genes from several species which is something that almost would never occur in nature. Eat your hybrids. They have great nutritional properties and are not going to harm you. It’s when a hybrid is starchy and cause great amounts of mucus that it could then be considered something that should not be consumed frequently.


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