This Land We Want GMO Free with Music by Sassafras

This Land We Want GMO Free with Music by Sassafras

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Words below:
Sassafras, a band from MIssouri recorded this lovely music to accompany me! I wanted them to sing and record it all themselves but they wanted to use my voice. I am not a singer so that was really surprising but I think that it just goes to show that we can all do anything when its from love. I love my kids, so I will sing. I hope you will too…whatever song or whatever you want where ever you want!

This is an example of the kind of song we could sing as we march in parades on July 4th for Moms Across America! Words below:

This Land We Want GMO FREE!

This land is your land this land is my land
From California to the NewYork island
We love our children and want them healthy
This land we want GMO FREE

They changed the food and they tried to hide it
We found out And now we fight it
We want it labeled And off our tables
This land we want GMO Free!

Will you please join us To help our children
Protect their future Cause they deserve one
Keep them healthy, not Big Pharm wealthy
This Land we want GMO Free!

So please now join us To spread the word
Raise your voice And make it heard
Moms cross our country Are Fighting back
To save our children From food attacks

This land is your land This land is my land
We love our children And there’s no end
We’ll keep sharing and always caring
Cuz This land we want GMO free!

Moms cross our country are marching NOW,
to save our children and we all know how,
It’s up to you and… it’s up to me!

This land we want GMO Free!

This land we want GMO Free!

Copyright Howard Vlieger and Zen Honeycutt 2013

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