The Ugly Truth about Gmo’s – What are Gmos – How are Gmos Harmful

The Ugly Truth about Gmo’s – What are Gmos – How are Gmos Harmful

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The Ugly Truth about Gmo’s – What are Gmos – How are Gmos Harmful Presented By ThehippieModerne
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Advocates say GM crops don’t pose a health threat and can help feed the world’s population since many are bred to resist insects that carry diseases and to tolerate herbicides targeted at weeds. “If the entire world went to organic tomorrow, we could probably feed half of our current population,” Federoff said in a TED talk last year. ​

But opponents, including Druker and Goodall, worry that GM foods could harm human health and say support for GMOs is based on misinformation.​ “[The FDA] has given the consumers basically a false vision of reality and said, ‘These foods are safe, they’re OK and we can put them on the market without any testing,’” Druker says.

For foods introduced after 1958 to be ​“generally recognized as safe,​” and therefore allowed to forgo additional testing, they must be considered safe by an overwhelming consensus of experts and that consensus must be based on scientific procedures like peer-reviewed journals, according to the Food Additives Amendment of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.​

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