The Dinosaurs You Love Are Fake

The Dinosaurs You Love Are Fake

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A huge triceratops skeleton was found in Wyoming! But now researchers are saying it’s not a triceratops–that dinosaur never existed. And this isn’t the first time for this to happen! Trace has all the details on the fates of our beloved dinosaurs in the crazy world of paleontology.

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Rare, nearly complete triceratops skeleton unearthed in Wyoming
“Underneath the sagebrush and droves of cattle near Newcastle, Wyo., paleontologists have potentially unearthed one of the most complete skeletons of a triceratops ever found.”

Morphosaurs: How shape-shifting dinosaurs deceived us
“DINOSAURS were shape-shifters.”

Badass Triceratops Cousin Sported Hoodie
“The earliest known cousin of Triceratops was Judiceratops, a newly identified dinosaur that sported a hoodie-like growth on the back of its head.”

Brontosaurus Not Real? Dino Is Actually Apatosaurus & Other Misconceptions Continue
“What happened to the Brontosaurus? The beloved dinosaur has been a part of numerous museum exhibits and a big part of pop culture.”
How T. Rex Ate Triceratops in 4 Easy Steps
“This is how researchers say a Tyrannosaurus may have feasted on a Triceratops during the age of the dinosaurs.”

Whatever Happened to the Brontosaurus?
“There was a time when the dinosaur named Brontosaurus evoked images of a monstrous beast with four legs, a long, graceful neck dragging an even longer tail through primeval swamps.”

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