The 10 worst foods and medicines that destroy your sex drive

The 10 worst foods and medicines that destroy your sex drive

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You’re no longer 19…
… and your sex drive isn’t what it used to be.

But what if you could REVERSE that?

AVOID these 10 foods and medicines and you’ll be sexually and hormonally re-energized in no time!

#1) Statin drugs
They sap your energy and destroy your libido. Plus, they cause muscle fatigue and early dementia.

#2) Hydrogenated oils
These toxic oils, found in margarine and baked goods, cause heart problems and reduce blood flow to your reproductive organs.

#3) BPA chemicals in plastics
They interfere with sex hormones, “feminize” male hormones and cause cancer in women.

#4) Antidepressant drugs
They actually work no better than placebo, yet they cause metabolic disorders that suppress libido.

#5) Refined sugar
White sugar strips mineral nutrition right out of your body, leaving you deficient and tired.

#6) Genetically modified foods
GMOs have been linked to infertility and reproductive disorders. GMO agricultural chemicals are also known to cause gross deformities and birth defects.

#7) Excessive caffeine
Repeatedly using caffeine as a stimulant results in adrenal depletion, starving your body of sexual energy.

#8) Cholesterol-free foods
Your body needs food sources of cholesterol in order to create sex hormones! If you’re not eating cholesterol (from egg yolks, for example), you’re starving yourself.

#9) Blood pressure drugs
They work by hijacking your heart and reducing blood flow. For men, erections require strong blood flow!

#10) Soy products
Beware of GMO soy products, as they contain estrogen hormone mimickers that can alter hormone balance in men and women.

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