Take Action to Stop GM Alfalfa!

Take Action to Stop GM Alfalfa!

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April 2016 – Take instant action at http://www.cban.ca/alfalfaletter2016

Thank you for taking action and sharing the video! Spring 2016: Take action now to stop GM alfalfa! See more info at www.cban.ca/alfalfa

This video provides information about how important alfalfa is to food and farming, and the threat that GM alfalfa poses to family farms and organic food production. Alfalfa growers do not need or want genetically modified (GM, also called genetically engineered) alfalfa and have been trying to stop GM alfalfa in Canada for at least five years. The introduction of GM alfalfa with Monsanto’s herbicide tolerant (Roundup Ready) and low-lignin GM traits would have serious negative impacts on many different types of farmers and farming systems, both conventional and organic. Because alfalfa is a perennial crop pollinated by bees, GM contamination is inevitable. Alfalfa is an important part of many of the foods we eat everyday. Protests from farmers and consumers across Canada have keep GM alfalfa off the market for three years but now the company Forage Genetics International has sold some for spring 2016 planting. Join us to stop the release of any more GM alfalfa! For more information and more action you can take see http://www.cban.ca/alfalfa


A Production of: The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN), Smiley Guy Studios and The Big Carrot
Producers: Nathan Carey, Patrick Conner, Jonas Diamond, Lucy Sharratt
Director: Nathan Carey
Script: Ellen Besen, Nathan Carey, Lucy Sharratt
Story Editor: Jeremy Diamond
Script Advisor: Patrick Conner
Visual Design, Animation & Post Production: Nathan Carey
Voice of Bee: Maureen Kirkpatrick
Voice of Narrator: Patrick Conner
Dialogue Coach: Ellen Besen, Patrick Conner
Audio Design: Paul O’Brien
Music: Sean Donald
Editor: Denny Silverthorne

The film was produced by the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) and was sponsored by the following organizations and businesses that provided matching financial support: The Big Carrot Natural Market Toronto; De Dell Seeds Incorporated (the only Non-GMO Seed Corn Company in Canada); Green Being Farm; Nature’s Path Foods; The Organic Council of Ontario; Smiley Guy Studios; Organic Agriculture Protection Fund of the Saskatchewan Organic Directorate.

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