Suz: GMO Food (Thought Café Today)

Suz: GMO Food (Thought Café Today)

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Suz points out some concerns that surround GMO (genetically modified) or GE (genetically engineered) foods, and why we should inform ourselves about this rapidly expanding agricultural technology.

Suzanna Brusikiewicz

Created by:
Thought Café

Music Composition by:
Allan Levy





Images by:
Wikimedia Commons

Video Source:
“Jenny Asks: How Does Agrobacterium-mediated Gene Transfer Work?”

Grocery Store Photo Source:
Flickr User lyzadanger
The New Fred Meyer on Interstate on Lombard

Pig Factory Photo Source:
Flickr User Farm Sanctuary
Pigs confined in metal and concrete pens

Demand GMO Labelling Photo Source:
Flickr User daniel

*Links below for your own research*

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How Monsanto is Terrifying the Farming World:

Myths & Realities of GE Crops:

GM Food Toxins Found in the Blood of 93% of Unborn Babies:

(Study) Maternal and Fetal Exposure to Pesticides Associated to Genetically Modified Foods in Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada:

[Other Sources]
USDA, GE Adoption:

USDA, Organic 101, Can GMOs Be Used in Organic Products?

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Catastrophic Bee Population Decline May Be Related to Bt-Spliced GMO Crops:

65 Health Risks of GM Foods:

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