Spider-man: Homecoming Spider-man vs The Flash FIGHT SCENE | Marvel vs DC 2017 Civil War

Spider-man: Homecoming  Spider-man vs The Flash FIGHT SCENE | Marvel vs DC 2017 Civil War

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The Spider-man Homecoming trailer / Captain America Civil War version of Spiderman vs The Flash FIGHT SCENE. A Marvel vs DC battle.
This is a fight to the end, Injustice 2 Style.
Only the best hero will win.

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The Flash representing the world of DC, and Spider-man representing the world of Marvel.
Both worlds have well known superheroes like Black Panther, Ironman, Captain America, The Flash, Wonder woman, Captain Marvel, Spiderman, War Machine, The Hulk, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Blue Beetle,
Thor, Archangel, The Vulture, Gigantess, Batman, Beast, Starfire, and, Ant-man. Just to name a few of my favorites. But this video is about The Flash and Spider-man.
It took me 4 months to make this video. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.
There will be more of these types of videos to come.

If your favorite hero didn’t win, no worries, they’ll be more fights to come.
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