Sobeys’ Position on GMO Foods

Sobeys’ Position on GMO Foods

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Winnipeg Alternative Media presents an inquiry into Sobeys Canada’s position on GMO foods and GMO labeling.
The people will be heard on October 12th, 2013 when the Global March Against Monsanto kicks off! The people will be standing up against genetically modified organisms and Monsanto.
Back in 2001, Sobeys and Safeway among others refused to allow GMO labels on products sold in their stores. It was an aggressive move against anti-GMO activists and businesses while the media was also busy praising Monsanto. Meanwhile, the majority of people according to many polls wanted GMOs labeled.
Now Sobeys’ position is that of a sad apathetic child who says “ask our mommy” instead of taking any action of their own. The people are waking up and it won’t be long until they’re held accountable for their silence and consent.

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