Shopping Organic Part 2: How To Read Food Labels

Shopping Organic Part 2: How To Read Food Labels

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How to read food labels? Sounds silly but whether you are looking for grass fed beef, free range chickens, deciphering all the labels on food nowadays can feel like an assault. Shopping organic, GMO free foods, it’s hard to tell where to start.

Organic food has become very popular. But navigating the maze of organic food labels, benefits, and claims can be confusing. Making a commitment to healthy eating is a great start towards a healthier life. Beyond eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and good fats, however, there is the question of food safety, nutrition, and sustainability. How foods are grown or raised can impact both your health and the environment. This brings up the questions: What is the difference between organic foods and conventionally grown foods? Organic products have strict production and labeling requirements. Unless noted, organic products must meet certain requirements. Overall, if a product claims that it or its ingredients are organic, the final product probably needs to be certified.

Again, where we spend our money is the key here. Learn about my favorite labeling system from The Global Animal Partnership. GAP has 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Program which outlines specific welfare practices, beginning at Step 1, which is the first level in the program and a clear departure from conventional practices. The progressive nature of the program encourages producers to improve their welfare practices and to attain higher Step ratings.

Finally check out for the Consumer Food Label Guide

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