Shocking Facts The Food Industry Keeps Secret

Shocking Facts The Food Industry Keeps Secret

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What Are We Really Eating?
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When it comes to the food industry, they literally hold the key to keeping us alive. Because we no longer live in an era where everyone has to farm to get their food, we now depend on big corporations and large farms to provide us with our food and nutrition. Because this is one of the largest industries in the world, there are a lot of nooks and crannies that have to be looked into when it comes to policies, pricing, and regulations. Ideally, these rules are put in place to protect us and to make sure that we don’t die from the food that we eat. However, it seems that the companies and departments that have been implemented to protect us are now working hand in hand with the major corporations so that exceptions can be made. In short, corporations are stuffing the pockets of the government for them to look the other way.
For example, the cost of nutrition-dense food is much higher than the cost of junk food. People often criticize that the poor isn’t really poor because many of them are obese. But the poor’s weight gain is really because they can only afford junk food. Their overall health is actually quite terrible because of the consumption of junk food. It is rather odd, not to mention wrong, that food that grows from the ground and part of Mother Nature is more expensive than something that is chemically produced and genetically modified. Speaking of corrupting healthier foods, lean cuts of meat have also been known to have higher sodium levels. Because meats with less fat apparently don’t taste very good, the food industry actually pumps the meats with a solution made from water and salt to make it all taste better. While it may taste better, it certainly isn’t better for you.
Also, fruit juices tend to contain more sugar and calories than your typical sugared soda. While soda is manufactured with dyes, coloring, and other artificial flavors (you know it is bad for you), fruit juices use the disguise of seeming to be healthier for you, when in fact they may be worse than anything else you consume. If you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables from the main supermarkets, then beware. Much of the produce that we consume has been sprayed with chemicals and pumped with other things to make the food grow bigger, alter the taste, and more. So, in short, that tomato may not be a natural tomato, but a mutant one instead.
If that isn’t enough to raise your red flag, let us also consider what the Food and Drug Administration allows in our foods. Because apparently factories can’t be 100% clean and uncontaminated, the FDA allows a certain percentage of bugs, hairs, and cigarette butts into our food. Yes, you could be chowing down on a nice cigarette butt that dropped into the churning machine while the employee was on their smoke break.
This is just a sliver of what the food industry does to the foods we consume. If this disturbs you, then perhaps it’s time to do your grocery shopping at the local farmer’s market.

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