Senators Hold Press Conference July 6, 2016 “GMO Labeling Proposal Inadequate”

Senators Hold Press Conference July 6, 2016 “GMO Labeling Proposal Inadequate”

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Senator Jeff Merkley, Senator Bernie Sanders and other Senators held a press conference prior to the vote on July 6, 2016 that denied Americans the right to know. Although this took place before the vote, it is still informative and the Senators express concerns shared by the vast majority of Americans who are aware of this issue.
The original video posted by Jeff Merkley had quite a bit of dead air prior to the actual news conference. That has been edited out and a little dead air at the end; that is the only change from the original.
Senators Merkley, Sanders, Leahy, Tester, & Blumenthal held a press conference on Genetic Engineering Labeling prior to the Senate vote on July 6, 2016 The Senate voted 65-32 AGAINST the overwhelming majority of Americans who want GMOs labeled. This is much more than a simple right to know issue. This is also about a handful of sociopathic corporations controlling the food system. It is also evident by these actions taken by the majority of Senators to DENY Americans the Right to Know about the food they eat, that they are under the control of the will of the biotech industry to such an extent they are willing to forego all ethical considerations regarding this fundamental right in a free society.
We do not need GMOs, we do not want them. They have essentially been put in our marketplace without the major population knowing: as a population, we have been consuming products that raise ethical, safety, health, and ecological concerns WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT.
There will ultimately be a backlash against GMOs, and against our government officials who refuse to obey the will of the people and carry out their sworn oath to do so.
It is time to call for a ban on all GMOs, and to create massive political change by voting those government officials who continue to violate the most fundamental ethical principles in a free society out of office once and for all.
“The nondisclosure of the fact that their food was developed using bioengineering techniques removes the right of informed choice. This fails the assessment from any ethical perspective…U.S. citizens have been deprived of their autonomy and freedom of choice, just as the farmers have been deprived of their independent livelihoods and the plants have been deprived of their essence. Individuals have the fundamental right to know what they are buying and eating, as well as the responsibility towards others and the natural world.” Debra M. Strauss, “Defying Nature: The Ethical Implications of Genetically Modified Plants,” Journal of Food Law & Policy Vol. 3, No. 1; 2007

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