Robyn O’Brien:The Truth About GMO’s And Your Food

Robyn O’Brien:The Truth About GMO’s And Your Food

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A severe allergic reaction in one of her young children launched financial analyst Robyn O’Brien into the world of “Big Food.” O’Brien, who had discovered her child was allergic to some of the artificial ingredients commonly used in processed foods began researching these ingredients, including Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’S) and learned some shocking truths about what goes into to your food.

Never sensationalist, always well-informed, Robyn O’Brien is the thinking parent’s activist; calmly and rationally making her case that GMO;s may be harming us, especially the youngest members of society. Her meticulously-researched findings lend credence to the growing suspicion by many that food additives are a big contributor to illness in America.

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