Reasons To Avoid GMO’s – Workout Videos, Motivation, Health & Fitness – Tell It Like It Is #95

Reasons To Avoid GMO’s – Workout Videos, Motivation, Health & Fitness – Tell It Like It Is #95

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Nav-Vii shows you his exact workout routines, shares his best workouts and diet plans that he does to construct a super fit body on his popular blog
In this video, Nav-Vii shares his thoughts on why you should avoid GMO’s. Nav-Vii explains that about 80% of all the corn, soy, wheat and other crops are genetically modified. He mentions that GMO’s could have very unpredictable consequences in the future, and it is best to avoid that uncertainty when it comes to food. Nav-Vii concludes by saying that “nature always gets it right,” and genetically modifying food could end up having catastrophic consequences decades later.
In the Tell It Like It Is series, Nav-Vii goes on a rant about various interesting topics. This is a very entertaining segment that he does for his followers (NV Nation). Nav-Vii never fails to entertain and provides insight on topics ranging from obesity, motivational quotes, mindset of champions, diet tips and many other topics of discussion.
Nav-Vii is an advocate for not resting between exercises and has a strict rule to complete each workout in less than 25 minutes. This time challenge is what makes it much more difficult than traditional workouts. The high intensity aspects of Nav-Vii’s workouts rival the most intense interval training you will ever do! The style of Nav-Vii’s workout program is sure to challenge even the most dedicated. In addition to proven workout tips, Nav-Vii guides his NV Nation followers with motivational quotes that are sure to keep his army of fans consistently motivated. Join the team of gym workout loyalists and discover the way to your best body.

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