Protesters Call for Kroger to Label GMO Foods

Protesters Call for Kroger to Label GMO Foods

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KETTERING — A protest over genetically modified organisms was held outside of the Kettering Kroger Saturday. A year ago, Whole Foods announced that it will label its ingredients derived for GMOs and protestors want Kroger to follow suit. It’s important to me that we know what’s in our food. It’s important to me as a single mother to make sure that my daughter has wonderful food to eat, that she doesn’t have anything that’s causing harm to her body, said Erin Belangia-Sanchez. It’s expensive to buy strictly organic, . So why can’t kroger also label their food?All of the research and all of the studies on GMO’s have been short term on animals or funded by the industry and we just don’t know, said Bryan Stewart, Program Associate of Ohio Public Interest Research Group. And we feel it’s the consumers right to know what they’re eating so they can make informed choices about what they’re putting on their plates.Ohio Public Interest Research Group says 70 to 80 percent of the foods we eat have GMO ingredients. We’re not here to say that they are bad, we’re here to let you know you should have a right to know what you’re buying, said Stewart. This is where the fight against GMOs begin by putting the label on the product and giving consumers the choice, said Sarah Ritchey of Troy.90% of America’s public wants the gmo labels, said Stewart.If I find out these things I’ve been eating, the governments allowed me to eat is actually harming my body, then when i’m older I’ll have other health risk, said Belangia-Sanchez.Connect with ABC 22/FOX 45 Reporter Wale Aliyu on Facebook and Twitter.

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