Protect Yourself From Toxins With These 3 Steps!

Protect Yourself From Toxins With These 3 Steps!

Do The Following To Detox From Pesticides, Poor Food Choices, and Toxins

In case you haven’t heard, most of the commercially available food in your local grocer is downright unhealthy as compared foods grown in other countries.

In order to make healthier choices for your family you should definitely replace as much of your food with organic choices as your budget will allow.  Even so, given that bad food choices are pervasive in society, you should add extra insurance to your diet.

The following 3 steps should be used to counteract the constant bombardment of our cells with detoxifying, healthy steps.

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Eat More Fiber

The second method is something quite easy to do and actually pretty useful even if you aren’t overloaded with GMO’s. Hardly anyone gets enough fiber and adding sufficient amounts to your diet ensures that you’re able to get rid of toxins from GMO’s, additives in food, heavy metal particles and more.

There are also fiber supplements that you can add to your diet if you desire. You should also flush out the digestive tract regularly when you use this method.

Drink More Water…a Lot More

Most people have no idea just how much water a day they should really be drinking and everyone drinks less than they should. Water by itself can have a powerful effect on removing toxins quickly, but the water that we drink isn’t much better for us than the substances causing the toxins in the first place.

Our water consists of viruses, heavy metals, bacteria, industrial byproducts, fluoride, pesticides and much more so the solution is to use a water filter to create healthy, purified water. You can also buy purified water online, but it is much more cost-effective to get your own filter.

Get a Massage

Believe it or not, getting a massage can actually help you rid your body of toxins. Research has showed that massage makes our body release and discard those toxins and that’s part of the reason why we feel so great after having one. Plus, massages are amazing all by themselves and no one should need an excuse to get one.

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