Power Episode #34: GMO Foods – Do You Know What They Are?

Power Episode #34: GMO Foods – Do You Know What They Are?

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http://www.maximizedliving.com Many of the foods that we eat today are not what they used to be. Take corn, for instance. From seedlings, corn is embedded with pesticides to keep insects away. As it continues to grow, it is sprayed with additional pesticides and chemicals, that eventually make it onto our plates and into our bodies. On top of that, foods are further modified, to withstand pesticides. This is referred to as “round-up ready”.

Foods are typically genetically modified, GMO, so that farmers can produce more and help the foods grow faster and keep longer. A live food will decay faster, attract bugs, etc.

We don’t know what the long term health effects of GMO foods are yet. Are you willing to wait to find out before you make the switch? Register for our webinar on March 22, 2011 to learn more about GMO foods and how they are affecting us! http://www.maximizedliving.com/Events/Webinars.aspx

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