PLEASE Identify GMO Bug / Gnat with Speakers or Horn? Chemtrails, Geoengineering, Morgellons

PLEASE Identify GMO Bug / Gnat with Speakers or Horn? Chemtrails, Geoengineering, Morgellons

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Are we living in a strange times or what? Maybe the time of sorrow, as mentioned in the book of Matthew?

Baculovirus and Fungal Gnats – A New Theory

I found ANOTHER if these bugs in my sink, after it jumped off me. I looked more closely at the tail and it has small crystals inside! It seems to eject them from the tail (as seen in one of my other bug videos) and maybe into US!

These gnats are all over and have been since before WINTER time! They are still going strong! They are supposed to like the heat? I’ve discovered they can be large or very tiny. Some so tiny, you can barely see them. Every bug I find lately, is one of these gnats. Now, they have horns or speakers on their sides! WEIRD!

Maybe I didn’t notice this speaker looking thing before? Someone told me they’ve found these bugs with numbers on the stomach! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder! That’ll be the next thing I look for…some kind of markings! Don’t miss my other bug videos and Morgelons videos. We’re being attacked from the sky! This is no joke.

Geoengineering is killing us slowly! Please search the info for “Transhumanism Tom Horn”, “Geoengineering”, Chemtrails – “Why in the world are they spraying” I know no one wants to face this ugly truth, but if we don’t wake up, we might find ourselves or our children in a world we can’t freely live and breath in! Watch “The world according to Monsanto” STOP buying GMO foods! Even the Europeans have banned them. Mice and rats won’t even eat it, until they’re starving! No wonder packaged food tastes so bad!

Turn to the lover of your soul (John 3:16-19). His salvation is a limited time offer!

Please pray for our nation and do what you can to make it better! 🙂 Love to get a message from you and thanks for watching!

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