“OutGrow Monsanto” GMO Free Maui’s Event: Neil Young Performs “The Monsanto Years”

“OutGrow Monsanto” GMO Free Maui’s Event: Neil Young Performs “The Monsanto Years”

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Video by MAUI CAUSES: http://wp.me/p5xDdK-jV
“OutGrow Monsanto” GMO Free Maui’s Event, Visited by Neil Young, Daryl Hannah, Lukas and Micah Nelson. Planting and Performance of Neil’s New Song “The Monsanto Years” Ensues.

We have marched against Monsanto. We have petitioned, we have testified, we have VOTED, and we have WON an election against Monsanto. Saturday, while the world marches against Monsanto, on Maui we go a step further: we actively work toward a Maui future without Monsanto. We plant the solution. Join GMO Free Maui, Alika Atay, and Simpli Fresh Farms as we spend this world-wide day of action against Monsanto with our hands in the soil, planting food that will bring Maui one step closer to food sovereignty, and a future that doesn’t depend on predatory, toxic agriculture. GMO Free Maui is also announcing new leadership this week, new goals for the coming year, and a new website and community involvement plan. Please come and be a part of this incredible day!

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