Oregon County To Kick Out All GM Crops

Oregon County To Kick Out All GM Crops

Oregon County About To Get Belligerent On Them Seeds!

If you happen to be a farmer in Josephine County, Oregon, I hope you don’t have a lot invested in GMO seeds at the moment.

This county banned growing genetically modified seeds and is now getting set to enforce the mandate which they passed last year (see video below). Farmers who continue to grow GM crops will, apparently, be fined until they comply.

This is news given that Big Ag is working at the House and Senate levels to take away the rights of states to choose what food is grown and whether it is labeled. Perhaps this level of activism will spark other movements that will show our political leaders that we are serious about resisting food monopolists.

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Monsanto has been warned, and Syngenta already moved their operations outside the county. Notice was given by Josephine County, Oregon that citizens are very serious about the GMO ban (Measure 17-58) that was passed last year. The cultivation of GMO crops will not be tolerated.

Biotech companies have until September 4th, just a few short weeks away, to either harvest their crops or destroy them, or they face monetary penalties.

The very first line of the ordinance to ban GMOs in Josephine County states its purpose:

“[to] maintain and protect seed sovereignty and local control, free from outside corporate interests and unnecessary and overreaching preemption by the state and federal governments, of this County’s agriculture, environment, public health, economy and private property rights as they pertain to genetic contamination from genetically engineered plants;”

GMO farmers will be penalized

The notice states, in short, that farmers will be penalized if they continue to grow GMO crops past September 4th.

Farmers are advised via the notice to contact the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office with their names, crop location, and crop type, as well as a plan to phase out prior to the September 4th deadline.

Excerpt courtesy eatlocalgrown.com

Featured image courtesy naturalsociety.com

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