Non-Toxic Cosmetics, Ingredients to Avoid, Where to Start & Resources

Non-Toxic Cosmetics, Ingredients to Avoid, Where to Start & Resources

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Hello! Welcome to my ingredient/green beauty chat! How I got into green beauty, what main ingredients I avoid and resources if you are just starting out, or making the transition! Thank you for watching. This is truly important to me, and I have been researching for months, and I have done a lot to put this together. 🙂 (Sorry it was dark here, I was feeling compelled and it was also raining, gotta do, whatcha gotta do)
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Research websites-
Top Tips for Safer Products:…
EWG in general, or skin deep:
Beauty Heroes Ingredient Card:…
General Info:
Lotus Wei Perfume Guide, all about synthetic fragrance!
Just straight up researching on google is an amazing resource, just make sure you are checking what their actual resource is!

Online Resource Youtube Channels(I wanted to mention the GB YT’s who have either helped me, or talk more about ingredients/have a lot of research info on their channel):
-A great video to watch on Chemicals:…
-Brianna’s channel has a lot of info on ingredients and non-toxic beauty:…
-Danielle’s Channel has a lot of pure options for green beauty enthusiasts. She does a lot of reviews on wonderful products, and is always sharing something amazing with us:…
-Laura’s Channel is an overall wellness/non-toxic environment, perfectly hitting all sides of what a non-toxic life should be:…
-Verena’s Channel isn’t quite a green beauty channel, but she does talk about it from time to time. She makes amazing videos about an eco wardrobe/closet, which I think is important and also ties into this:…
-Mercede’s Channel always brings a punch when it comes to her wishlists, videos about what she purchased, and more. Now she is more of an 80/20 kind of purist, but an amazing resource at that:…
-Emma’s Channel has a wide variety of videos ranging from food, green beauty, chemical talk, and more- I mean it’s named Chemical Detox:
Meghan’s Channel talks about green beauty, ingredients, herbs, and holistic lifestyle. I think she is a great resource as well:
Noeli’s Channel is always showing us something great that she has picked up! She loves clean products and is always shelling out great reviews:…
Teri’s Channel goes over a lot of products/ingredients. She does a great job of explaining everything! Her reviews are always worth a watch:

Online Resources Blog Style: (I am trying to list more blogs that talk about ingredients/are a good resource for research. There are so many amazing blogs, I could be here forever naming them)
-Wellness Mama: Her blog has to be one of my favorites. I am always on it looking for DIYS, natural remedies, holistic health, and beauty:
-No More Dirty Looks has a blog with reviews on clean products, and they also have a book, which helps many convert:
-ShortSmallSweet: She does tons of different blog posts, that are always intriguing and packed full of commentary. She does reviews, skincare routines, healthy practices, and more:
-Bailey Blush: Also another one of my favorite blogs! She has so much to offer, ingredients to avoid, why to go into green beauty, DIYs, reviews and more!:
-Naturalla Beauty: She has great ideas on what to switch over to. I always enjoy her blog, and feel comfortable with the products she recommends:
-The Glam Organic Goddess: She has a great page of resources for books if anyone is interested! She also does great reviews:

The Human Experiment
The True Cost

Think Dirty App (It’s very strict, but extremely informational!)
Skin Deep App

If you have any other amazing resources let me know!

Thank you for watching as always xoxo
Also, if you have more questions or want another video about chemicals, just give me a shout.

**I am not sponsored by anyone to make this video. This is a lot of my own hard work that went into this all. **

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