No GMO Your Guide to GMO Free Living

No GMO Your Guide to GMO Free Living

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Do you know what harmful ingredients might be in your food and goods?

If you live in the US, you may not be getting the whole story.

Only 3 of the 50 United States require the labeling of products containing harmful GMOs…

…but GMOs are found in over 70% of packaged foods in the US, and can be found in many household products.

GMOs are Genetically Modified Organisms whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.

Studies in humans reveal that GMOs leave behind harmful material in our bodies linked to cancer in humans…

…and in animal studies, GMOs have been linked with organ damage, immune disorders, and accelerated aging.

Without GMO labeling laws, what can you do to protect yourself from hidden GMOs that continue to threaten your health and wellbeing?

This is where the NO GMO guide comes in: your complete guide to GMO-Free living.

With 200 pages of information on avoiding GMOs including tips, a list of hidden GMO ingredients for you to look out for, a list of companies to avoid as well as those companies who have gone GMO-Free, and much more, the No GMO guide is your #1 tool for living a healthy, GMO-Free life.

It’s time you knew what’s in your food and goods. It’s time to take action to protect your health and the health of your family.

NO GMO, your guide to GMO-free living, is yours free with your donation of or more. Get yours today, because you have the right to know.

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