Natural Breading for Frying; How to Make a Non-GMO Dinner Meal!

Natural Breading for Frying; How to Make a Non-GMO Dinner Meal!

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I have noticed that most store bought ready to fry type of batters have some really nasty stuff in them. All different types of preservatives and chemicals, plus I get wary of things which come in powder form or were before they were made. This makes it very easy for the food corporations to cut the product with something like maltodextrin, dextrin, aspartame, as well as many other different extending agents and poisons.

The breading is made of simply wheat mixed with your choice of a non-gmo spice. This happens to be Emerald Essence original (This is an older bottle and is safe. Be sure to always check the ingredients.) You do not need to use any egg or milk.. But you can try different things if you want to.

For sides I have non-genetically modified sweet white corn as well as nongmo and prervative free tator tots. I use grape seed oil from europe to avoid gmo oil. The bottle in this picture was only .

Most of these products were bought at traders joe’s but I suggest you go to your local organic food store. I go to Trader Joe’s one about 50% of the time to save cost, and go to my local food mart the other 50%. You can also find small local vendors for cheapest and best quality.

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