Motorcycle Reportedly Runs On Water

Motorcycle Reportedly Runs On Water

Talk About An Ultra Low Emission Vehicle!

A man in Brazil (Ricardo Azevedo from Sao Paulo) is recorded by the news company RT as he rides a motorcycle he has designed that supposedly runs on one of the cheapest, most widely available substances on Earth.  Water.  Not only that, but apparently the bike can go for 300 miles on 1 liter of the ‘fuel’.

A hoax? Hmmm…

Scientists all over the world are pretty much unified in agreement that “water as a fuel” is physically impossible, so I will break out the popcorn and stay tuned to see what happens with “O Senhor Azevedo”. Why? Because if it’s true, the resistance to this invention by the fossil fuel energy as well as any other established power structure would be a great theme for an epic motion picture.

And if it’s false?

The backlash would cause RT to do some back-pedalling, singing, and dancing which would also provide popcorn-worthy entertainment.

Check out this video which shows him riding about and filling up a various “filling stations” (some that are really polluted) that anyone could afford.  What do you think?

While the above drama plays out I will continue to save my money for this! Courtesy Carlyle’s Picks:

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