Mish Mash, Garden Bounty, GMO Alert, Corporate Food and A Crafty Question

Mish Mash, Garden Bounty, GMO Alert, Corporate Food and A Crafty Question

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Link to GMO biotech article:

URGENT: Don’t Let the Biotech Industry Sneak This In!

Greetings! This is just a bunch of random thoughts that I have this morning. Some information I think you should look into, a look at what I picked out of the garden at 6:00 a.m. today and a question for you.

First, a look at the beautiful cukes, zukes and peaches I picked this morning. I love the garden anytime of day, but early in the morning especially. Before the world wakes up and the noises of the day begin. I enjoy the quite of the universe and the bird songs and the company of my dogs. A peaceful solitary respite at the beginning of each day, connects me to the earth and helps me know what is important.

My friend Katzcradul did a video yesterday about the biotech bill that they are trying to sneak into some current legislation. They were supposed to vote on it yesterday, My fear is that they passed it. Basically, it gives us consumers the finger. Tells us that it doesn’t matter if the USDA approves certain GMO items. That the evildoers can move forward and plant them before they get approval for human consumption.

I also share a list of brands that use Monsanto products in their offerings. The list is long and concerning. I use some of the brands on this list and have been a loyal consumer for nearly a lifetime on some of them. I feel betrayed. I agree with Katzcradul that we must make an attempt wherever possible to get away from corporate food. In a way it makes us a slave to the system. In my own personal opinion another way that they perpetrate this cycle is through giving coupons for these brands. It keeps us going back for more. I think couponing is a great resource for people. I think that I totally understand how it can save money for a family to get what they need. But the reality is, that the brands that the coupons are for, in many cases, not in all, are for foods that are filled with GMO, ingredients. It is unfortunate.

Finally, I wanted to ask you a question. I am teetering on the thought of having another separate channel for crafting. However, I may just put everything here and if you don’t want to watch the crafting videos, than you just don’t have too. Maintaining one channel is hard enough and with all the other irons I have in the fire, the thought of having another channel to maintain along with helping my daughter with hers, it daunting.

I plan on really amping up my offerings and start to put together some kits for people to make their own cards, layouts and mini albums. Just want to get your input before I make my decision.

Thanks for watching and listening!

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