Maximum High – Long Ago (Lyric Video)

Maximum High – Long Ago (Lyric Video)

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Vibrant, dynamic and extremely innovative – Maximum High delivers complete entertainment through wild & untamed Rock-music that incorporates Funk, Dub, Dance & Punk sounds into their own identifiable, signature-style. With sincerely driven passion aimed at making the most of every moment and creating something truly special with their anything-goes mentality and DIY approach –
Maximum High is confidently stepping into the independent-scene determined & ready to bring Rock back to the forefront of music and the top of playlists worldwide. Based out of Athens, Greece –

Maximum High is:
Irene Dimopoulou (Vocals)
Thanos Amorginos (Guitar,
Dimitri Koutsiouris (Bass)
Nick Zografos (Drums)

As the name implies Maximum High is better listened to on Maximum High levels!

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