MAXIMA Popcorn Vending Machine

MAXIMA Popcorn Vending Machine

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MAXIMA is a new innovative vending machine which produces freshly made popcorn on the spot, in one minute.The popcorn is both oil and fat free, low-calory, contains no gluten and no genetically modified ingredients.

MAXIMA can be coupled to other vending machines and can be placed in areas patronized by a large number of people such as train station, schools, airports and shopping centre.

Results so far demonstrate that the popcorn sold using this new vending machine MAXIMA has resulted in large profit margins.

Global Service, which is the manufactures of MAXIMA, also provides training in the use of the machine. (Please, see the brochure for further details of our after-sale service).
You may also be interested to know that MAXIMA was exhibited to much acclaim at the “VENDITALIA May 2010” at the Milan International Fair for innovative products.

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