Lorenzo’s Organic Gardening and Landscaping Ep. 1

Lorenzo’s Organic Gardening and Landscaping Ep. 1

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Hello to the good people out there in cyber land. Last winter, I did something I had never done,
I have gardened hard for many years and turned a lot of mess and environmental vacuums, into thriving places, with lots to eat and pretty too. I wish to share a bit and let people know, it is not that hard, nor do you need any expensivemake a video. So now, learning the proccess, time to share a few things with everyone concerning my food sources and the environment. As any thinking person anywhere knows, things just are not right, in many ways. And, through my years of being a nature boy, surfer, hiker, camper, and gardener/landscaper, I have seen many changes, in many places and they have not been good ones. It is up to us, that’s right, means you too, who need to stop waiting for politicians and big business to take care of you. Self sufficiency, was once the norm for the old pioneering spirit, no matter where. equipment or huge spaces. Even if you live in an apartment, with a sunny spot, you can grow many things, and, enjoy quality, non GMO and organic foods and greatly improve your culinary life. No better produce than what one grows organically, harvests ripe and prepares freshly. For those with space to use, you can feed yourself well with just add ons form the markets, coffee, dairy, whatever you neeed to add. I have been veggie sufficient for many months at a time, short grow season here so limited in that part.
Many people out there care, but, have never gardened, but, are not comfortable hearing about how great GMOs and chemically grown foods are, knowing deep down, something just is not right here, they are just not sure what to do about it. Take control is good start. Does anyone remember history? Where are those “Victory Gardens” that were promoted in WW II? The USA was in trouble and all efforts were made on the homefront to help the economy and survive the war. The economy today is mess, money buys little as to its low value, and we see quality drop, in foods, and so many other goods too. But, a few a getting with it and farmers markets and a few smaller organic growers are here and there. In one’s own yard, a “Victor Garden” is not hard to do, and the rewards far outweigh, slaving over a useless lawn with a dangerous, pollutive and noisy lawnmower. I am all for lawns with a good function, but, as one who had once maintained many of them on regular basis as a pro, I saw the total waste of energy, water, resources and land. It does add up folks, a good chunk of the world could easily be fed with all that invested in a green carpet, versus foods and a thriving: Ecoscape as I call them, which, is mainly working with nature and your area, and gardening with plants and foods, one enjoys.
I welcome tips from other experienced organic gardeners/farmers, as we know, it is all about those little tricks, that can make huge diffences. And noobies, don’t be shy, like any real organic gardener, we all like to help the noobs get started, is is not that hard.

Thanks for reading my intro to my proactive gardening series. Lorenzo AKA Tralnok

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