Labor, Liberal and the Greens Beware !!

Labor, Liberal and the Greens Beware !!

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Most Australians are very angry over the way their Nation has been run in the last 40 years, Since Gough Whitam of the Labor Party stopped/banned the teaching of our Australian Constitution in schools in 1975 ,Although deceitfully REMOVED from the curriculum of ALL our university’s and schools in 1975 by the corrupt and treasonous WHITLAM corporation government politicians / “private Law Society and Banking Corporations”,, here in the land commonly known as Australia we have a “LITTLE DOCUMENT” called (The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution (Constitution Act, 1901) which happens to be the supreme “man made” common law of this land that for some reason Gough Whitlam, his politicians, legalese gangsters and corporate banksters wanted to keep this common law secret “well hidden” from all the rest of us,Over the years we have seen our common Law rights disappear now we see clearly with our Farmers Property rights all been abolished by the Sellout politicians on both sides Labor and Liberal, now Gas Fracking companies can just walk onto a farmers land and start drilling without the Property owners consent . Fellow Australians this is pure Tyranny and it must be stopped.

Australians are also Angry that they have to drink poisoned water by Fluoridation, eating GMO foods that contain high toxic chemicals , Drinking homogenised Poison Milk when all we want is a choice to consume RAW milk , We are angry that every year we get another tax we have to pay like the stupid United Nations Carbon Tax, The flood levy/Tax, food prices hitting the roof in which most of our food is imported from China, and our Fuel Prices how the hell are we going to Feed our families when most of our hard earned pay goes on Fuel and our mortgages! So the next time you’re watching your favourite Football team this weekend just remember the Government is passing new Laws that will strip more of your God given Common Law rights away ,thats why they invented sport as a mayor distraction and I can tell you its bloody working…

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