Know what you are eating – GMO Foods – Coast to Coast AM – YouTube.webm

Know what you are eating – GMO Foods – Coast to Coast AM  – YouTube.webm

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Published on Jul 13, 2012 by TheReturnofLurker15

Aired On: 2/9/21
Host: George Noory
Guest: Jeffrey M. Smith, Scotty Roberts

In the first half, Food expert Jeffrey Smith discussed the dangers of genetically modified foods and how pervasive these GMOs have become throughout the world. He noted a litany of newly emerging digestive and reproductive ailments that may be caused by GMOs and even suggested that the explosion in autism and Morgellons disease could also have sprung from the ongoing genetic modification of our food supply. Additionally, Smith said, farmers have noticed strange behavior, like agitation or listlessness, exhibited by their livestock that have a GMO-based diet. Fortunately, Smith reported that many doctors and veterinarians have seen dramatic improvement in the health of their patients upon the cessation of GMO foods.

Beyond just the health implications of GMOs, Smith stressed that these genetically modified seeds have begun to contaminate the larger agricultural infrastructure of the planet. He pointed to studies on allegedly non-GMO canola oil seeds as well as the indigenous corn crops of Mexico which reveal that they contain elements of genetic modification. Chillingly, he claimed that this is not accidental and that “contamination is really the hidden agenda of the biotech industry and their enforcement wing in Washington.” Donating only GMO foods to starving nations as well as introducing genetically modified mosquitos in African countries are other ways in which the industry aims to spread their wares across the globe. “If we don’t stop this,” he warned, “they could be replacing nature.”

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