Jon Entine at GMO Free Kauai Tent, Kauai Farmer’s Market

Jon Entine at GMO Free Kauai Tent, Kauai Farmer’s Market

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A GMO-Free Kauai local Mom, debates with Jon Entine at the Kauai Farmer’s Market. Jon and other Pro-GMO lobbyists are on Kauai to lobby against GMO Bill 2491, the “Right to Know” Bill currently before Kauai County Council. They were flown in by the HCIA BioTech association, and part of their PR campaign is to stop by local farmer’s markets to discuss GMO’s, Pesticides and Biotech with organic farmers, from the position that it’s safe for us on Kauai, and that we should trust the GMo BioTech industry scientists. There is a heated discussion around Atrazine, which was found in Waimea Middle School drinking water here on Kauai, the use of restricted use pesticides on Kauai, and the moratorium on new experimental GMO’s until environmental assessments can be done on Kauai.

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