How to make Superfood FREE! Non GMO, as Organic as it gets!

How to make Superfood FREE! Non GMO, as Organic as it gets!

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Make into powder and use in smoothies & to nutritionally enhance any dish!
How to make powdered Superfood FREE! Non GMO and as Organic as it gets!
Did you know you can eat high quality herbs right from your own back yard? In this video I show you how to find, harvest, dehydrate and process the dandelion, broad leaf plantain & stinging nettle into a powder just like the super foods you pay over a dollar a serving for. Like Shultzes vitamin shoppe and many more great brands.
We started with a full 13 gal kitchen garbage bag full. There was 1/3 dandelions, 1/3 broad leaf plantain & 1/3 stinging nettle. The nutritional value of these plants is fantastic.

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