How to Know if Food is GMO Free

How to Know if Food is GMO Free

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Do you know how to know if food is GMO free?

Most non-GMO foods are labeled. Organic brands go out of their way to say that they have nothing genetically modified in them.

Because non-GMO is healthier.

GMO foods, like the Green Revolution crops that came before it, have made food so abundant that we have enough food for everyone on the planet.

There are still something like a billion people undernourished. Eco-friendly farming would solve that problem.

We also have a billion fat people, and we give far more corn and soy to cattle today than we did 30 years ago. If we went vegetarian, we could easily feed ten billion people.

We could feed them with traditional farming methods.

Organic farming gets far lower yields than industrial agriculture, which is why organic foods are so much more expensive than conventional. And if we raised all food organically, we could only feed four billion people.

You’re just saying that to justify genetic engineering, and Frankenfoods.

Penn and Teller aren’t conservatives, but they did a show debunking the GMO scare. Norman Borlaug, father of the green revolution, talked about how GMO for disease resistance and better plant varieties could improve yields of sorghum, yams and crops in temperate areas, feeding those peoples.

GMO is unnatural.

Have you ever seen a Chihuahua?

Uh, yeah.

Their ancestors were wolves. And the weird, wacky shape of that tea cup Chihuahua today is the result of human manipulation.

That’s one example.

Corn evolved from teosinte, a swamp grass with tiny kernels. The same wild cabbage plant was bred into broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, collard greens and cauliflower.

So we’ve been modifying plants and animals for millennia.

Yeah, so don’t freak out over gene tweaks that improve the nutritional value of food or make it last longer. Heck, environmentalists delayed the rollout of golden rice that has vitamin A in it, while the breed would have saved millions of kids from night blindness and death from malnutrition.

We should strive to enjoy natural products.

The Black Death was all natural. And the antibiotics to cure it aren’t.

Fine, I’ll just look at the label for non-GMO and leave you alone.

You can pay the price for non-GMO, but don’t demand everyone else pay it.

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